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We're here to help you understand and share the Gospel using the power of visuals. Our sketchnotes, infographics, and custom illustrations make the Bible accessible, engaging, and inspiring for everyone.

The Benefits of Gospel-Centered Visuals

  • Communicate the Gospel clearly and effectively

  • Capture the attention of diverse audiences

  • Save time and effort with ready-to-use visuals

  • Deepen understanding and engagement with the Bible


Our Sketchnotes and Visuals Offerings


Get sketchnotes that help you remember and apply biblical truths to your daily life


Use these simple visuals to help explain deep Truths in a way anyone can understand.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Mastering Gospel Sketchnotes

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Step 2

Learn how to take beautiful sermon sketchnotes and enrich your Bible study experience

Step 3

Create and share your own sermon sketchnotes

Step 4

Join our supportive community

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About Us and Our Mission

Welcome to Sketchy Gospel.
I’m Chris Wilson and I help people understand and share the gospel with visuals.
I discovered sketchnoting 8 years ago and it changed the way I took sermon notes. Now I’m sharing what I learned to help others engage with the bible deeper and share the good news.

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The Struggle of Making the Gospel Engaging and Accessible

In an age where information is predominantly consumed through visual media, Christians face the challenge of presenting the Gospel in a way that captures the essence of its teachings while remaining engaging and memorable. The struggle to adapt and embrace different learning styles can become overwhelming, especially when trying to convey the biblical truths to increasingly diverse audiences. At the core of these challenges lies the conviction that the Gospel should be accessible, inspiring, and relevant to individuals from all walks of life.